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There are several car parks in Woodbridge

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Click here for a street map of Woodbridge, Car parks are marked P.

Pay and Display charges start at 30p for 30 minutes.

Weekly tickets cost £10 for use in some Suffolk Coastal District council Public (SCDC) car parks. For details of eligible car parks and other conditions, see SCDC's Car Parks page.

RingGoCar Parks in Woodbridge Town Centre are now operating (as a test for Suffolk Coastal) the RingGo system, which allows you to pay for your parking from your mobile telephone, and even offers the option to be sent a text when your parking is about to expire.

Using RingGo costs 20p on top of the normal car park charge, plus any call cost, and any requested warning texts cost 10 pence.

To pre-register, or for more information on the national RingGo scheme, visit their website at


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